Should You Be in BusinessTo be or not to be an entrepreneur!

Get a mirror, take this quiz, and find out! Your face says a lot about you, so be truthful and answer yes or no.

Do You Have the Right Features to Be in Business?

1 – Do you have high cheekbones?

2 – Do you have a cleft in your chin?

3 – Do you have long nostrils?

4 – Do you have a high domed forehead?

5 – Do you have a hook nose?

6 – Are your upper eyelids invisible?

7 – Is your face shaped round?

8 – Are your ears sticking out?

9 – Is the Area Between Your Brows Clear?

10 – Are your eyebrows angled?

11 – Is there a gap between your two front teeth?

12 – Is there a single deep wrinkle between your eyes?

You need to answer “yes” to at least 8 of the questions to qualify for a successful business. If you have a face to run successful business, YOU WON! To find out what you won e-mail Kathy Thompson, nationally recognized Face Reader, writer, speaker, profiler.

Face Reading (physiognomy) is an ancient science that reveals the personality and destiny of everyone. When you think about most of the time shows up on your face. So your face becomes a road map of your mind.

Different parts of the face have different meanings. Your Forehead indicates your thinking style. Eyebrows show how you put your thoughts out into the world. Your eyes show your outlook on life. Your nose shows how you manage money and your work style. Your mouth indicates how you express yourself. Your ear indicate your learning style.

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